Participate in a festival that drew over 5,000 visitors to Ravenswood last year!

Starting March 2nd, Ravenswood studios, galleries and business can register for RAW. Business registration ends Monday, April 13th.

Register for RAW 2015

It is our mission to generate community investment in, and public awareness of the unique hub of creative industry that exists in Ravenswood.

Over 14 years, RAW has grown into what it is today; an exciting neighborhood event featuring over 300 artists, that highlights the diverse talents of the Ravenswood Corridor.

2015 RAW Committee

Paula Ngo, RAW Chair & RCC Board Secretary
Gene Wagendorf III, RCC Events & Marketing Coordinator
Jayson Lawfer, Owner of The Nevica Project, RCC Board Member
Bruce Robbins, Founder & CEO of Lillstreet Art Center, RCC Board Member
Kevin Cary, Owner of Begyle Brewing, RCC Board Member
Megan Bunimovich, RCC Executive Director