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Enjoy a rare peek inside this Ravenswood industrial space (home to Gabel & Schubert Engraving) and see work from a variety of talented local artists! 

Dave Avery

Come see Dave’s 2017 litter of lacquered wood creations. A small brood this year. Both will be populated by tiny carved wooden creatures living atop brass from the Gabel and Schubert scrap barrel.
Dave Avery - Bunnies and Bird

Joan Game

Featuring one-of-a-kind, hand embroidered soft Stuffies, small water-media images painted in the Netherlands and France, mixed media collages, and hand painted ceramics. I enjoy brainstorming on creative projects, am a loving grandmother of one, and a travel-loving, tea-drinking feminist with a soft spot for the Rocky Mountains and anything that contains dark chocolate.
Joan Game- river, pierre, handpainted ceramics II

Sue Hansen

I have been quilting for over 20 years but have only recently gone public. Last year’s Ravenswood ArtWalk was my “coming out.” My quilts are all about color and pattern. I’ve been fascinated by how color plays with color for as long as I can remember, and equally fascinated by balance and motion in design. For me, making quilts, playing with color and design, is a compelling and necessary part of my life. The quilts I will show this year cover a wide range of color ranges, and are mostly wall hangings.
Sue Hansen - teal aqua brown squares quilt

Barb Kirpluk

I paint animals and landscapes to bridge the gap between our high tech world and our fragile connections to nature.
Barb Kirpluk - Great Bear Rainforest

Lilly Torres

Lilly Torres will be exhibiting several pieces from her series entitled “Program Me”. In this series Lilly explores robots or “bots” and how humans seem to be programmed by the daily barrage of social media.
Lilly Torres - four head