Artist Registration Update!

Several artists have been asking about applications for this years ArtWalk, so we wanted to provide an update before registration opens next week.

Registration for artists will begin on Monday, June 1st is live! Those of you looking for an Early Bird Discount- fret not! Rather than offer a few folks reduced pricing, we’ve lowered registration costs across the board for this year’s festival.

We’ve made a few changes to this year’s ArtWalk as we grow and adjust. We took the feedback of our artists into account every step of the way and hope that you’ll find these changes valuable, and in many ways cost saving.

Changes of note:

  • This year’s ArtWalk takes place on September 19 & 20th, moved up a few weeks in an attempt to circumvent the weather we’ve experienced the last two years in October.
  • We’ve dropped registration costs, in part by not automatically supplying tents, tables and chairs to artists. Many of you indicated last year that you had your own equipment, but with the offer of free set up, it was easier to order one. By passing the costs of tent rental onto the artists who need them, we were able to make RAW one of the most affordable arts festivals around for our artists and vendors!
  • We’re adding a Student Gallery to RAW, which will be located in Julius Meinl’s Ravenswood Avenue loft, at the center of the RAW Street Fest. We’ll be partnering with local schools to give their students the experience of showing their work in a gallery as a part of the Tour of Arts & Industry.
  • We’re moving the opening reception, and changing its format. We’ll still be throwing a party Friday night to kick off RAW weekend, but this one will be a little something special. We’ll let you know more as soon as possible, but it’s going to be a blast!
  • Two new members of the RCC’s RAW Committee, Bruce from Lillstreet and Jayson from Nevica Project, will be helping us organize an Artist Marketing Workshop, which RAW artists will be able to attend, free of charge. We’re working on locking a date down for later this summer and will notify you as soon as we have one.
  • We’re working on programming beyond RAW weekend. Look for more neighborhood arts events, this year and beyond, and opportunities to participate in them!
  • Lastly, we’re improving the Street Fest portion of RAW with an adjusted layout, new partners for music programming, and an expanded presence and support from our friends at Begyle Brewing, SMB Help Desk, and of course, SSA #31.

Thanks to everyone for your support, your feedback, your participation and your ideas. We’re incredibly excited to bring an improved ArtWalk experience to our neighborhood, and hopefully step up our level of support to Ravenswood’s incredible arts community.

See you in September!

Gene Sig

Gene Wagendorf III
Events Coordinator
Ravenswood Community Council