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Emily Rapport

Emily Rapport is a figurative painter inspired by the urban landscape of Chicago. Emily grew up in Rochester, NY. She studied painting at Cooper Union in New York, and received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. She lives and works in Chicago. Emily’s Lincoln Square studio and art gallery, Eat Paint Gallery, 5036 N. Lincoln Ave., is set to open on October 6. Along with her own work, Emily will feature Chicago artists.

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Montrose Metra Community Gardens

RAW VENUE #25 – Montrose Metra Community Gardens, along the west side of Ravenswood from Montrose to Berteau, have been created and tended to by dedicated volunteer gardeners of all ages and levels of expertise since 2015. It is the skinniest community garden you’ll ever see; however this formerly unused stretch of land is now home to 45 raised vegetable gardens, native fruit trees and bushes, a pollinator flyway, picnic table, benches and five bee hives!


The Attractivators

RAW VENUE #19 – We are The Attractivators. Started by Anna Volkmann and Valerie Isotalo to heed the call of all people in need of hair super heroes. We will support everyone in their pursuit of hair satisfaction. We use our super powers of talent, experience, and creativity to achieve harmony between each strand. For RAW weekend, we will be showcasing work from painter Brian Morgan and ceramic artist Claire Micklin!


Honey Hive Salon

RAW VENUE #18 – Honey Hive Salon, where you come to feel at home. Whether you want bright, fun colors or more of a low maintenance balayage for your busy life, we love making you feel awesome. For ArtWalk, we’ll be showing work by mixed-media artist Kevin Cusack, photographer Aaron Porter, plus we’ll be joined by local screenprinter Modest Merch, and the colorful creatures of Creepy Animals!

amber box


RAW VENUE # 16 – Ambertique, located on scenic Wilson Ave in Ravenswood, is a friendly family owned boutique that specializes in 100% genuine amber jewelry & women’s clothing.


Forteza Fitness & Martial Arts / The Chicago Swordplay Guild

RAW VENUE #8 – We are Chicago’s most unique gym and martial arts studio, with clashing swords, adventure-racing, kettle-bells and more! Stop by our open house this weekend to see on-going demonstrations of rapier duels and longsword battles, heft a polearm or try on a piece of armor!

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Mark Brown Photography

RAW VENUE # 5 – See the inspirational, personal landscape collection photos by portrait artist Mark Brown from his travels though the years.These images mostly in nature capture the beauty of his surroundings, many taken behind the scenes of his portrait work


Armando Pedroso Contemporary Art

Explore the work of mixed-media abstract artist Armando Pedroso at his 1,100 sq. ft personal art studio, located on the second floor in Suite 221. He’ll be holding an open house for the Ravenswood Art Walk. Art, snacks and drink served.


Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita

LOCATION: Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita have been married and creating together for over 20 years. They make fine quality custom clothing and do specialized sewing for movies and TV commercials filmed in Chicago. They exercise their own Artistic vision making hats, clothing, scarves, and more for Artisan shows. They love beautiful fabrics, feminine design, comfort and practicality are reflected in…


Solder & Sage

Solder & Sage is an adornment apothecary creating spiritually focused products to help set daily intentions. Expect to find beautifully crafting hand-made jewelry, emergency smudging kits, chakra incense and ceramic incense holders. Each item is handmade by the artist in Chicago, IL.


Sun Sea Sky Designs

Unique one-of-a-kind jewelry designs inspired by nature, incorporating semi-precious gemstones, pearls, glass and metals.



I love to mimic natural and supposed landscapes, imagining the vastness of nature and outer space. Forms are created by both hand building and on a potter’s wheel. My functional wares are finished by a glaze firing. Decorative pieces go through the firing process in a Saggar “kiln” alongside organic materials that smoke, smolder, and burn against the surface.



Colorful Eco-friendly handcrafted and exquisite jewelry and accessories.


WTF Images – World Traveling Female

What fascinates me about photography or any artistic medium, is the ability it has to pull the viewer out of rational thinking and the familiar, and into a more atypical view of the world.

I love the process of visually representing a certain moment in time and viewers are invited to participate in these moments passed, and can live in the instant I captured. Perhaps that moment evokes a memory of, or nostalgia for, a period in someone’s life. I feel a sense of delight in making that connection with the viewer.


Neosho Art

Neosho Art is a mother and daughter team, creative gals who love to produce functional art pieces (in ceramic and fabric media) that people can interact with and enjoy through daily use. Their professional lives, in the fields of special education and art therapy, fuel a passion for hands-on creating and a desire to touch others’ lives in an artful way, and with a touch of whimsy. Each piece is hand-made with care and attention to details of comfort and beauty. “Neosho Art” creations are also featured in the artisan shop Wolfbait and B-Girls in Chicago’s Logan Square , Local Goods in Chicago, as well as a number of suburban shops.


Shore Fisherman’s Corner

Self taught outdoors photographer with a specialty with the American Great Plains. Concentrate on landscapes, wildlife and fall color. Also have many tropical and cold weather images.



I draw the live portrait on spot with my quirky & unique but simple line. I also selling postcard, zine, some prints and home goods — all from my illustration.


FeelTrip Records

We are a collective of artists in chicago who make apparel, zines, posters, cassette tapes and vinyl records.


Susan Lane Design

I feel a deep connection to the simple but profoundly elegant sculptural forms and colors of the natural world. I have always collected little bits of nature – dried flowers, leaves, shells, stones, pine cones, twigs. These tiny treasures have become my inspiration. In my work, I strive to translate their beautiful colors, textures and shapes into wearable art. Using traditional metalworking techniques of fabrication and casting, I hand form each jewelry piece. My goal is to offer the wearer a reminder of the delicate and transient gifts nature gives us.


Nomadic Ant

A collection of jewelry made with precious metals such as silver, gold, rose gold and black rhodium combined with fossils, rare stones, meteorite, and other organic materials.