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Halsey Onstage

RAW VENUE #TBD – Halsey Onstage is a design studio specializing in professional costumes for Ballet, Theatre, Circus, Quick Change, T.V., Film and more. We build and ship worldwide. From the most breathtaking ballets to the opening number of Madonna’s recent Rebel Heart Tour we dress it all!


Alternative Schools Network

RAW VENUE #TBD – Located inside one of Ravenswood’s quirkiest buildings, Alternative Schools Network is a not-for-profit organization that works to provide quality education to urban children, youth and adults. ASN and supports community-based and community-run programs and schools to develop and expand training and other educational services in Chicago’s underserved neighborhoods. For Ravenswood ArtWalk, the organization will host a rooftop party featuring student artwork and a rare chance to explore the famous Airstream trailer that sits atop the building, ever visible from the nearby CTA Brown Line tracks.


John Roggari Studio

RAW VENUE #TBD – Roggari’s work celebrates dark beauty, the mysterious and the unexplained. Drawing on a life-long obsession with fashion, art and culture, his latest work explores beauty in chaos and draws attention to the struggle between our private thoughts and public personas. He makes use of mixed mediums to juxtapose layers of imagery that flirt with life and death, and push us to question our own mortality.


Mathias Spider Schergen Garage Gallery

RAW VENUE #TBD – Mathias roams alleys, railroad prairies, industrial parks, and truck depots that permeate his neighborhood. From these places, he finds and collects indigenous materials that he uses to make the things he calls art. Discarded household items, drift wood, branches, exotic bits of hardware, broken signs, and debris from cars found along curbs are incorporated and repurposed into assemblages, shadowboxes, and fabric collages that attempt to re-imagine the visual conventions of established art forms through subversive imitation.

Mathias’s work is a seamless hybrid that integrates the aesthetic and self-taught techniques of his childhood with his disciplined studio practice and self-aware identity, which he developed as a student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Mathias attended SAIC in the 1970’s and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


Suvarna Chiropractic

RAW VENUE #TBD – Suvarna Chiropractic offers you a full array of chiropractic services with the latest advanced technology. We bring the complete package: Expertise, Competitive Pricing, and Timely Treatments. We strive to provide a fun and relaxing atmosphere, so come in and lets get started on your health journey!

richard shipps_5

Richard Shipps

RAW VENUE #TBD – Richard Shipps is a Chicago-based multi-discipline artist currently working primarily in cut paper abstractions. His expressions also are realized through drawings, sculpture, painting, and kinetic mobiles. His current studio is located on the first floor of the historic Deagan Building in the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor.

bens woodshop_1

Ben’s Woodshop

RAW VENUE #TBD – Ben runs a small, one man woodshop building everything from home bars to dining tables to charcuterie boards. His focus is on providing quality, handmade, customized designs that illustrate his passion for woodworking.

mark brown photography_1

Mark Brown Photography

RAW VENUE #TBD – Mark Brown Photography specializes in capturing natural, spontaneous moments and turning them into fine art. Mark’s Unique style has been featured on The Oprah Show, ABC News and WGN.

a favorite design_3

a. favorite design

RAW VENUE #TBD – a. favorite design was created in 2005 by graphic designer turned letterpress artist, Amber Favorite. Amber specializes in creating letterpress greeting cards, stationery and prints. Each letterpress print is lovingly hand fed thru an antique press 2-4 times in her Chicago studio. The process is time consuming but Amber is committed to craftsmanship.


Pick Up Your RAW Guidebook at These Neighborhood Spots

Can’t wait for the weekend? Pick up a copy of the 2016 Ravenswood ArtWalk Guidebook before the festival by visiting one of the locations below. Guides are stored inside our colorful distribution boxes, all of which were painted and designed by local artists. Guides will also be available at various RAW venues throughout the weekend, as well as the entrances…


Teresa James

Teresa James has been making prints for over 20 years. She works in her Logan Square studio where guest artists are invited periodically to collaborate on projects. She specializes in etching, photogravures and cyanotype prints. Teresa also works on large scale graphite and colored pencil drawings. She combines many techniques and processes in her figurative and surreal imagery.


Lisa Zschunke

Lisa Zschunke is a Chicago artist based in West Rogers Park. She has an English degree from the University of Illinois and worked in publishing before alighting on visual pursuits. Zschunke followed a self-taught path in fashion design before pursuing art foundation classes at the Evanston Art Center. From artists Patrick Micelli, Riva Lehrer, Jeff Krantz, and Sheila Oettinger, she learned to draw and sculpt, and then went on to study painting with Janis Pozzi-Johnson and Ken Minami. Zschunke currently focuses on both portraiture and still life.
(Portrait commissions are welcomed)


Marissa Neuman

Marissa Chris Zain Neuman is a Chicago based visual artists. Her work manifests in the form of ceramics, fiber, wood and sound. She spends her practice considering the ontology of objects and creating installations that provide space for contemplation and reflection. Marissa is a graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Loyola University where she received her BA in art history. Her work can be found at her upcoming solo shows at For the Thundercloud Generation and Roman Susan Gallery.


Monika Lozinska

Monika Lozinska is a documentary photographer from Krakow, Poland. Her work usually focuses on documenting the lives and worlds of people. The work shown here turns to nature as a kind of quiet meditation that allows her to slow down and escape into a different world.


Freddy Fabris

New York, 1970, Freddy Fabris was born into an artistic aristocracy as the progeny of two dancers and choreographers at the American Ballet Theater at Lincoln Center, his father from Argentina and his mother from France. From an early age he was exposed to the most dynamic period of post modern artistic development in modern history to include de Kooning, Warhol, and Rothko.

Fabris later moved to Buenos Aires, where he developed his voice as a visual artist, becoming one of the most recognized and sought after commercial artists, his work was consistently pursued by collectors as well as international commercial brands.

His latest conceptual work , The Renaissance series, incorporates the fusing together of the contemporary everyman with some of the greatest works of art history has ever seen, dating back to the 1400s. Bringing a wonderfully unique perspective to his craft and composition, Fabris breathes life into every one of his photographs, creating modern day masterpieces. There is a polished elegance and nobility present among so many of his subjects, bringing about the virtue in each individual captured.
The Renaissance series has been awarded the APA Conceptual photography award, 1st Place International Color awards & the One Eyeland Silver award.


Alexandra Stevenson

Alexandra Stevenson’s paintings are semi-abstract explorations of architecture and nature. She lives in Chicago and teaches Art and English at a northwest suburban high school. Her work is in the permanent collections of the College of Lake County and Deloitte Consulting.


Christine Watkins

I started painting in 1995 after years of looking at and thinking about paintings, but never really thinking about being a painter myself. Somehow I signed up for an oil painting class, and the first session was three hours long in an un-air-conditioned studio with temps over 100 degrees. By the end of the three hours, I was hooked. I continued to paint in that classroom studio for a few years, then rented space with another artist and have had a studio in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood since 2005. My current work, both oil on canvas and mixed media on paper, is influenced by time spent in Italy—the look and feel of the place, the language, the food, the wine and the people who grow it. Images and juxtapositions come from a word or phrase that I can’t get out of my head, from objects that catch my eye and won’t let go. I’m endlessly fascinated by the way the world flattens out and reshapes itself on the canvas, the way light and dark play tag, the figures that somehow take form on their own and finally decide to stay still.


KOVAL Distillery

Visit the KOVAL tent in the Begyle Beer Garden at Ravenswood and Berteau for tastings of some of their organic, made-in-Ravenswood whiskies, liqueurs and gins, then walk a block north to 4241 N Ravenswood and get a peek inside their production distillery and pick up some swag, including tour passes, branded flasks and liqueur scented candles!


Lincoln Square Pottery Studio – Learning Center

Lincoln Square Pottery Studio- Learning Center is a not for profit that specializes in ceramics classes for children and adults of all skill levels. Opened in May of 2003, our storefront space has grown to include 13 wheels, an extruder, a slab roller, an ever expanding palette of glazes, several field trips to raku and wood firings, and many display shelves to show off the work being made here. LSPS members and students will be showing their work for admiration and sale in the 2nd floor atrium of the historic industrial building at 4043 N Ravenswood Ave.