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Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita

LOCATION: RAW Street Fest (Venue #5)Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita have been married and creating together for over 20 years. They make fine quality custom clothing and do specialized sewing for movies and TV commercials filmed in Chicago. They exercise their own Artistic vision making hats, clothing, scarves, and more for Artisan shows. The love of beautiful fabrics, feminine design, comfort…


Solder & Sage

Solder & Sage is an adornment apothecary creating spiritually focused products to help set daily intentions. Expect to find beautifully crafted handmade jewelry, emergency smudging kits (for spiritual gangsters on the go), charcoal chakra incense formulated by artist with pure essential oils for each chakra center, and metal & ceramic incense holders.


Sun Sea Sky Designs

Unique one-of-a-kind jewelry designs inspired by nature, incorporating semi-precious gemstones, pearls, glass and metals.



I love to mimic natural and supposed landscapes, imagining the vastness of nature and outer space. Forms are created by both hand building and on a potter’s wheel. My functional wares are finished by a glaze firing. Decorative pieces go through the firing process in a Saggar “kiln” alongside organic materials that smoke, smolder, and burn against the surface.



Colorful Eco-friendly handcrafted and exquisite jewelry and accessories.


WTF Images – World Traveling Female

For as long as I can remember, my favorite vacation souvenirs have always been my travel photographs–my own unique view of the world. My passion for photography has led me to many interesting places through the years, and I hope my work will be an impetus for you–the viewer–to get a little bit of wanderlust and go on a journey of your own.


Neosho Art

Neosho Art is a mother and daughter team, creative gals who love to produce functional art pieces (in ceramic and fabric media) that people can interact with and enjoy through daily use. Their professional lives, in the fields of special education and art therapy, fuel a passion for hands-on creating and a desire to touch others’ lives in an artful way. Each piece is hand-made with care and attention to details of comfort and beauty. Neosho Art creations are also featured in the artisan shop Wolfbait and B-Girls in Chicago’s Logan Square , Local Goods and The Red Balloon in Chicago, as well as a number of suburban shops . Neosho Art accepts custom and special orders.


Shore Fisherman’s Corner

I am a self taught photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. As an outdoors photographer, my areas of interest are peak fall, American prairies, and wildlife. Much of my work is in Lake County, Illinois because of the bounty of fall images. I also shoot a variety of tropical images from the Caribbean to Florida’s Keys and Everglades. One of my pastimes is scouring through the American Great Plains. Some of my favorite prairie photo opportunities have come from travel in Western Dakotas, the Nebraska Sand Hills, and Kansas.



I draw the live portrait on spot with my quirky & unique but simple line. I also selling postcard, zine, some prints and home goods — all from my illustration.


FeelTrip Records

We are a collective of artists in chicago who make apparel, zines, posters, cassette tapes and vinyl records.


Susan Lane Design

I feel a deep connection to the simple but profoundly elegant sculptural forms and colors of the natural world. I have always collected little bits of nature – dried flowers, leaves, shells, stones, pine cones, twigs. These tiny treasures have become my inspiration. In my work, I strive to translate their beautiful colors, textures and shapes into wearable art. Using traditional metalworking techniques of fabrication and casting, I hand form each jewelry piece. My goal is to offer the wearer a reminder of the delicate and transient gifts nature gives us.


Daniela Ferri

Handcrafted semi-precious and glass bead necklace and earring sets, earrings, bracelets, ID tag holders and eyeglass holders from the owner of Daniela’s Facial Studio.

mia furlong_square

Mia Furlong

I love big bold colors–how they blend and interact. Painting is my playground, it’s my fun, and I hope you enjoy my work. I will be donating all the proceeds from any sales to non-profit organizations (I haven’t decided yet, but I expect to choose one charitable group and an electoral candidate). I hope to see you at the show.


Blind Dog Yarns

One of a kind functional art created by two women here in Chicago who joined together to bring you your coziest fall. Stay warm in a lush, vibrant cowl by Mercedes while sipping hot cocoa out of a thoughtfully crafted ceramic mug by Darya. The scarves feature hand-dyed, hand-spun wool art yarn accents. Each piece of pottery is water-etched and soda-fired for a distinctive look.


Legendary 70s Chicago Folk Group Tops RAW Musical Lineup

Of Wondrous Legends (or O.W.L.) were a psychedelic folk group fronted by songwriter Stephen Titra in early 1970s Chicago. Their ambitious, self-titled album was  packed with lush, expansive songs inspired by baroque and romantic art. Recorded over six months in 1971, the record garnered interest from labels, including the Elektra and Playboy, but was ultimately deemed “too uncommercial” according to Chicago Reader music…


Cynthia McEwen Design

After a successful career as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, I found hot glass as a medium for creating art with my hands again rather than a computer. Using a tabletop torch, I heat the glass until it’s molten, then shape and decorate it all while it is hot and untouchable. The resulting beads and other items are then annealed in a kiln for long-term durability. I try and share a little bit of myself within every piece. My new work is incorporating the glass into other forms of art with mixed media.


Barbara Dermody Jewelry

Using metalsmithing and wire-wrapping techniques, I create one of a kind pendants and earrings with sterling silver and semiprecious gemstone.


Ovington Glass Studio

Stained Glass introduced me to the world of glass. Moving into fusing glass gave me more wiggle room and freedom of expression.Now that I am in the world of lampworking I am able to be very spontaneous making beads, I follow the direction of the molten glass, I love texture and I love color.


Sam Florio Photography

My photos focus on my passion for Italy; its street life, public spaces and the many moods of this ancient and beautiful land.