Cindy’s Stitches and Sterling



I decided to learn metalsmithing as a way to create more structure for my textile art, but became enamored with the metal itself, and the wonderful stones to set with it! I love the way you can melt it (reticulation), connect it (soldering, fusing), color it (enameling and patinas), cut it (sawing) and form it (hammering, texturing, forming, stone setting). Each piece I make is a small material study which can be worn on the body, or just enjoyed by holding and looking. I make jewelry with traditional techniques, yet designed for today.

Jewelry is one of man’s earliest arts, and it is something which can be enjoyed by everyone. This is why I make a variety of pieces, in a variety of materials and price points, so it can be taken home today for enjoyment. Little bits of art to wear and enjoy!