Lori Hess of Claybird Pottery, Fred Follansbee Ceramics & Kevin Shannon Pottery

LOCATION: RAW Street Fest (Venue #5)

Lori Hess is the artist behind Claybird Pottery. Lori has been influenced by many cultures and artistic pursuits, and is inspired by the intersection of art and function in everyday objects, and patterns found in nature. Lori has been making her one of a kind, culinary-centric pottery at Lillstreet in Ravenswood since 2012.

Fred Follansbee is heavily influenced by Japanese pottery and enjoys the randomness of various atmospheric firings (wood and soda-firing). Fred’s work is mainly fired at Lillstreet Art Center in Ravenswood, where he has been a ceramic artist since 2003.

Kevin Shannon loves the malleability of clay and creating unique handmade objects from it. It’s ability to be shaped and formed allow Kevin to explore themes of beauty, movement and color in the his pots. By soda firing each piece of pottery another layer of uniqueness and individuality are added to his work. Kevin also makes production pottery for Scratch Goods, a food grade skin care company, and Mott St., a local Chicago restaurant.