Devin Shea

Devin Shea

I have been creating since I was a child. I liked to sit around and draw dinosaurs, jet planes, and monster trucks. Lucky for me, my family was very encouraging and allowed me to follow my love of drawing. But it wasn’t until high school–thanks to my wonderful art teacher–that I discovered my passion for creating art.

My primary medium is oil paint, but I also work with acrylic and water color. I will be showing mostly oil paintings at RAW, and a couple acrylic and or mixed media pieces.

I get my inspiration from things I read, from places I travel, from creative people in my life, and from what is directly in front of me-what most directly effects me in the present. My greatest influence would have to be my semester spent studying in Rome. I was learning and creating so much, traveling the country, all while surrounded by talented creative minds. I like to believe my work has developed and matured into something of my own, but that semester and the Renaissance is always in the back of my mind.

I spend some of my free time volunteering for different organizations and festivals. Last year I worked with kids at the Bucktown Arts Festival, I have spent some of my time volunteering downtown at Marwen, and this fall I will be starting my third semester volunteering for Common Threads. My second job is to find artists to show work and to organize art events at a popular cafe in Lakeview. I’m in charge of finding local artist and helping them gain valuable experience and good exposure. At the end of each artist’s stay we put together a one night show open to the public complete with wine flights and fine foods.

I’m most excited to see how Begyle Brewery transforms into a gallery for the weekend. I feel lucky to be in the same space with so many other artists and excited for the exposure it will bring. I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with the Begyle guys and I’m optimistic for their venture, and I already think their beer is great. I’m excited to see it all come together for this one weekend.

Image number one was a commissioned piece for a lovely lady who had seen my work displayed at the cafe. I was working from an old photo of Barbie that she had given me, and because she had seen my previous work she had given me complete creative freedom. The freedom to paint in my style allowed me to get in a groove and I was able to complete this large canvas (2ft x 3ft) rather quickly. Oil on Canvas.
The second image is a self portrait in water color. I did this piece while I was backpacking in Australia. Of course I couldn’t lug around oil paints in my backpack, so for my travels I packed a small water color kit, some drawing utensils, and a couple of sketch books. Often as an artist you are your own best model, this is doubly so when traveling by yourself in a foreign country.