Erin Rose Design

artistLOCATION: RAW Street Fest (Venue #5)


I am a history, vintage style and retro fashion nerd; a comic book and B-movie enthusiast; and magic a geek. I love all things classical and incorporate that same elegance into everything I create.

All of my accessories are meticulously handmade and constructed entirely from recycled items. My pieces are: on-trend but with lower price points; innovative and modern but simultaneously nostalgic; grounded yet ethereal; and fashion-forward but accessible.

I try to stay as green as possible by adopting the “make do and mend” mentality, and by taking my inspiration from the opportunity to give old things a new lease on life. Everything I produce is made to order eliminating waste and ensuring all items are used.

My whimsical (and sometimes a bit cheeky) accessory collections are composed of: handbags, found object jewelry, and assemblage. My accessories are for men and for women. The preferred media includes but is never limited to: vintage textiles; metal; metal clay; precious and semi-precious stones; plastic; fabric; clay; resin; recycled clothing; buttons; upcycled thrifted items; paper; glass; and ephemera.