Holla! By Hollasch

holla_LINELOCATION: Dovetail Brewery 2nd Floor Market (Venue #23)


Snail mail is my calling.

It all started in my high school years when I became pen pals with my brilliant math teacher. I left for college and needed to stay in touch with her as she was a huge inspiration to me, and she didn’t prefer the method of emailing. We’ve been pen pals now for 5 years- there is nothing more exciting than receiving a letter in the mail from her with updates of her grandchildren! I have been consistently looking for amazing cards to send to my loved ones to keep in touch, and eventually began making my own post cards and cards.

Making, writing, and sending cards has been such a fun part of my to-do list for several years now. Each card is hand painted (with love!)and takes anywhere from 1-4 hours to make using watercolor paint, paint markers, and embossing tools. Here you can find all sorts of cards that I hope you will enjoy sending to loved ones near and far!