Legendary 70s Chicago Folk Group Tops RAW Musical Lineup

Of Wondrous Legends 
(or O.W.L.) were a psychedelic folk group fronted by songwriter Stephen Titra in early 1970s Chicago. Their ambitious, self-titled album was  packed with lush, expansive songs inspired by baroque and romantic art. Recorded over six months in 1971, the record garnered interest from labels, including the Elektra and Playboy, but was ultimately deemed “too uncommercial” according to Chicago Reader music historian Steve Krakow.  Fast forward to 2004 and a test pressing of the original recording was discovered in a thrift store dust bin by Locust Records head Dawson Prater. The album was finally released in 2008 to much acclaim, and Titra reunited O.W.L. the following year. 

Of Wondrous Legends performs for the first time at Ravenswood ArtWalk on Saturday, September 16th at 5:15pm on the SMB Help Desk Stage, located at Ravenswood and Belle Plaine. Also performing over the weekend, Ravenswood’s own Emily Jane Powers, indie rock group Scout Ripley, the jazz duo of John Temmerman and Steve Ramsdell, and RAW’s favorite pop duo Zigtebra.

VIDEO: Stephen Titra on the return of Of Wondrous Legends