Little Fox Nerdy Knits

foxy_LINELOCATION: Dovetail Brewery 2nd Floor Market (Venue #23)


I’m Jackie, the owner and designer behind the brand. I enjoy playing and watching video games, watching cooking videos on Instagram, and watching my favorite TV shows multiple times. You can usually find me knitting or crocheting at home with a cup of coffee…or a cider at night! I learned to crochet first when I was about four or five. My grandmother thought it would be a good idea for me to learn one of her favorite crafts before it was too late for her to teach me. She provided me with my first set of crochet hooks, which I still use to this day. Fast forward to when I was in college and that’s when I taught myself how to knit. I decided to start Little Fox Nerdy Knits after hearing from people around the world on Reddit and Instagram saying that I should sell my creations. At first, it was a fun way to let my creativity out while working an office job. Now, this is my full-time job! I’m able to devote my time and energy into creating beautiful, nerdy products. Each piece is always hand made and stitched with love.