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Manifold is a storefront gallery and manufacturing workshop. The direct connection between the gallery and the workshop reinforces Manifold’s guiding mission: to overtly preserve the link from the object presented to the process of its crafting. Manifold was conceived by Ross and Elizabeth Fiersten to engage in the ongoing conversation occurring between art and design, makers and manufacturers. Along with their own work, Manifold will be showcasing work from artist Wen Liu. 

Wen Liu

Wen Liu was born in Shanghai, China and is currently based in Chicago. Her art covers multiple disciplines, drawing from her background in wearable art, fiber, and sculpture and explores the transformation from her cultural roots to newfound international consciousness.

She received her BFA in Sculpture and MFA in Fiber from China Academy of Art, and received her MDes in Fashion, Body & Garment from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. Her work has been exhibited in the National Grand Theater in Beijing, China and at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, IL and most recently a solo exhibition in Between Art Lab in Shanghai.