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The 12th Annual Ravenswood ArtWalk Tour of Arts & Industry

Saturday, October 5th and Sunday, October 6th 2013 marks the 12th Annual Ravenswood ArtWalk Tour of Arts & Industry.  The event stretches along the historic Ravenswood Industrial Corridor and allows guests a rare peek at the creative arts, business and industry from the neighborhood and around Chicago.  The walk showcases fine art, hand-made crafts, music and theatrical performances, architecture, design and much more from Ravenswood itself and the Chicagoland area.

Saturday October 5th 11am-7pm and Sunday October 6th 11am-6pm

Art will be displayed in a wide array of wonderful industrial buildings on the corridor, as well as in festival tents.

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 “Meet the Artists” Blog (2013 start date, coming soon!)

Ravenswood ArtWalk is producing a blog on its website to allow artists and businesses to talk a bit more about themselves, their work and their experiences.

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There are also many VOLUNTEER opportunities before, during and after ArtWalk.  If you haven’t already, sign-up today.


ArtWalk Set-up and Tear Down Times (2013 info coming soon…)

The location to pick up the artist/business packets is 1802 W.Berteau Ave. Suite #201 Chicago IL 60613