Richard Shipps

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Richard Shipps is a Chicago-based multi-discipline artist currently working primarily in cut paper abstractions. His expressions also are realized through drawings, sculpture, painting, and kinetic mobiles. His current studio is located on the first floor of the historic Deagan Building in the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor.

Artist Statement
“My work looks at shadow as light, and light as shadow, revealing imagery in both positive and negative space in a framework of changing references.

In many ways, the work is about the expression of the medium itself. Paper conveys a fragile balance, yet it can be shaped to create complex volume, surface, and presence. By limiting the use of color, the language of form does the heavy lifting. I see the patterns of shapes revealed in both form and counter-form. Their references come from experiential and emotional touchstones. I play with intentional randomness, letting the work develop it’s own personality. Any formality comes from the focus of a set of very simple design decisions. After the initial cuts have been made, the work pretty much tells me what to do. In that dialogue, I just become the willing servant holding the knife.”

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