Studio Renzi

LOCATION: Artifact Events Indoor Market & Lounge (Venue #7)


I am a Venezuelan-born photographer and artist, based in Chicago. I grew up in Valencia, the third-largest city in Venezuela, where my Italian parents had immigrated after World War II.

My love of travel enabled me to photograph the ethereal and passionate movements of tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the romance and nostalgic moods on the streets of Venezuela and finally, the ancient and magical sceneries of Italian cities like Amalfi, Cinque Terre, Venice, Cremona, Naples and Treviso to name a few. Some photos were shot on the streets of Chicago, which I now call home. They reveal my fondness for architecture and urban landscapes and the delight I take in playing with composition, balance and perspective.

Over the years, however, my pens and brushes got pushed aside by the time demands of my graphic design career. Until, around 2010, when I reconnected with them while searching for something to help me cope with life stresses. The creative process and the media were, for me, a balm for the soul, much like meditation. When I draw and paint, I am relaxed—and free. Free of rules and deadlines, free of what others might think, free of problems and stress. I think of nothing but capturing what I am seeing in front of me. When my work is completed, I feel accomplished, proud, positive and more knowledgeable about the object or person I have drawn or painted.

I love all media and, of late, I have found most joy and satisfaction working with watercolors, Japanese ink and, of course, my camera. I have been a resident of Uptown Chicago for more than 15 years. Always loved visiting the wonderful shops and restaurants (Spacca) in Ravenswood.