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I love to mimic natural and supposed landscapes, imagining the vastness of nature and outer space. Forms are created by both hand building and on a potter’s wheel. My functional wares are finished by a glaze firing. Decorative pieces go through the firing process in a Saggar “kiln” alongside organic materials that smoke, smolder, and burn against the surface.


Neosho Art

Neosho Art is a mother and daughter team, creative gals who love to produce functional art pieces (in ceramic and fabric media) that people can interact with and enjoy through daily use. Their professional lives, in the fields of special education and art therapy, fuel a passion for hands-on creating and a desire to touch others’ lives in an artful way, and with a touch of whimsy. Each piece is hand-made with care and attention to details of comfort and beauty. “Neosho Art” creations are also featured in the artisan shop Wolfbait and B-Girls in Chicago’s Logan Square , Local Goods in Chicago, as well as a number of suburban shops.


Claybird Pottery, Fred Follansbee & Kevin Shannon

Lori Hess of Claybird Pottery has been influenced by many cultures and artistic pursuits, and is inspired by the intersection of art and function in everyday objects, and patterns found in nature. Lori works from Lillstreet Art Center and her work is high fired stoneware and porcelain.

Fred Follansbee is influenced by Japanese pottery and enjoys the randomness of atmospheric firings (wood-firing, salt-firing, and soda-firing). Most of his work is fired at Lillstreet Art Center in Ravenswood.

Kevin Shannon has been working in clay for several years at Lillstreet. He enjoys soda firing his work and tries to create pieces with movement and beauty, motivated by his vocation as a dancer at Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago.