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Halsey Onstage

RAW VENUE #6 – Halsey Onstage is a design studio specializing in professional costumes for Ballet, Theatre, Circus, Quick Change, T.V., Film and more. We build and ship worldwide. From the most breathtaking ballets to the opening number of Madonna’s recent Rebel Heart Tour we dress it all!


Ars Memoria

RAW VENUE #TBD – Ars Memoria is a tattoo and art gallery that has transformed former warehouse space into what the owners describe as “a church to art.”


brave lux inc.

RAW VENUE #6 – brave lux is a photography studio specializing in creative portraiture for artists, families, and theatres. Photographer Joe Mazza also captures events, weddings and life in Chicago. Come visit his studio, see some beautiful faces, and perhaps purchase prints of some of his street photography.


Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ

RAW VENUE #6 – Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ is a boutique for men and women that carries items made by 20+ local artists as well as new items, and designer resale. Helping people do what they love for a loving is very important to us. We are honored to help make it happen!


Century Mallet

RAW VENUE #6 – Century Mallet Instrument Service was founded in 1980 by master tuner Gilberto Serna. Located in the same building that J.C. Deagan, Inc. occupied for nearly 100 years, Century has many connections to its historic predecessor. Gilberto worked for J.C. Deagan for over 15 years and was trained by its master tuners. He founded Century Mallet in the original building, with machinery, tuning instruments, and tools purchased from Deagan. For the Ravenswood ArtWalk’s 15th anniversary, current owner Andres Bautista, who studied under Serna, will be opening the doors to this historic space and allowing visitors to connect with 100 years of musical industry.


Chicago Glass Collective

RAW VENUE #6 – Chicago Glass Collective is a community-based art studio dedicated to celebrating the versatile medium of glass through educational workshops and dedicated studio space for new and experienced glass artists.

Our studio is a welcoming spot to learn about glass, exchange ideas, create art, and share the enthusiasm and knowledge of glass techniques in the hope that it will encourage and inspire others to create.