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Little Fox Nerdy Knits

I’m Jackie, the owner and designer behind the brand. I enjoy playing and watching video games, watching cooking videos on Instagram, and watching my favorite TV shows multiple times. You can usually find me knitting or crocheting at home with a cup of coffee…or a cider at night! I learned to crochet first when I was about four or five. My grandmother thought it would be a good idea for me to learn one of her favorite crafts before it was too late for her to teach me. She provided me with my first set of crochet hooks, which I still use to this day. Fast forward to when I was in college and that’s when I taught myself how to knit. I decided to start Little Fox Nerdy Knits after hearing from people around the world on Reddit and Instagram saying that I should sell my creations. At first, it was a fun way to let my creativity out while working an office job. Now, this is my full-time job! I’m able to devote my time and energy into creating beautiful, nerdy products. Each piece is always hand made and stitched with love.


Melissa Sue Stanley

Melissa draws her inspiration from life and experience in the Midwest. Memories of cicadas, storms, and endless fields are captured in drawings and paintings – with a twist of magical realism and using all the tools in her studio. Following this theme, Melissa also creates small creatures out of wool and wire. These monsters and spirits are stitched together from summer evenings. Both bright and dark, they offer colorful delights as well as dark mysteries.



I’m a potter, mostly. I enjoy making functional art from our world’s most basic elements — earth, air, water, and fire.


Rocket Relics

I make 100% natural soy candles using repurposed vintage beer cans, beer bottles, wine bottles, and vintage glassware. I currently have twelve scents and two seasonal scents. I try and focus on local Chicago breweries.


Handmade By Michelle

I specialize in delicate handmade jewelry using metals, resin, stones, and other natural materials. Inspired by the concrete jungle and colorful people around me, I create pieces that are wearable in a variety of settings- from a work day to an evening out. Simple lines, minimalist settings, unique approaches, and splashes of color define my pieces.


Neighborgood Arts

Neighborgood Arts creates fun and vibrant artwork featuring Chicago and its iconic symbols. I work with mixed media: layered paper, marker, and colored pencil. My content ranges from Neighborhoods to hotdogs; Chicago style of course.


Holla! By Hollasch

Making, writing, and sending cards has been such a fun part of my to-do list for several years now. Each card is hand painted (with love!)and takes anywhere from 1-4 hours to make using watercolor paint, paint markers, and embossing tools. Here you can find all sorts of cards that I hope you will enjoy sending to loved ones near and far!


Delia Jean Portrait Art and Illustration

Artist and illustrator Delia Jean lives and works in Lincoln Square, where she sketches portraits, creates comics and draws inspiration from her community. Her energetic and colorful style is sure to catch your eye.


h.bune designs

Graphic Design & Screenprinted Lovelies: A graphic designer and self-taught screen printer, I offer a number of paper goods as well as canvas tote bags designed to brighten up everything from your home to your mailbox to your grocery trip.


Studio Renzi

My love of travel enabled me to photograph the ethereal and passionate movements of tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the romance and nostalgic moods on the streets of Venezuela and finally, the ancient and magical sceneries of Italian cities like Amalfi, Cinque Terre, Venice, Cremona, Naples and Treviso to name a few. Some photos were shot on the streets of Chicago, which I now call home. They reveal my fondness for architecture and urban landscapes and the delight I take in playing with composition, balance and perspective.

Over the years, however, my pens and brushes got pushed aside by the time demands of my graphic design career. Until, around 2010, when I reconnected with them while searching for something to help me cope with life stresses. The creative process and the media were, for me, a balm for the soul, much like meditation. When I draw and paint, I am relaxed—and free. Free of rules and deadlines, free of what others might think, free of problems and stress. I think of nothing but capturing what I am seeing in front of me. When my work is completed, I feel accomplished, proud, positive and more knowledgeable about the object or person I have drawn or painted.


Cyndi Wood Ceramics

My work is a reflection of my experiences as a graphic designer and a painter. The lines which create visual movement and the clean respect for white space come from my design experiences. My ideas about color and their application come from my painting experiences. One of the aspects that attracts me to clay is the controlled randomness, coupled with the spiritual aspect of being in constant contact with something that comes from the earth. Clay keeps me centered.


Little Blue Marble Designs

Photography. Watercolor paintings. Eclectic notebooks. RAW was my first art fair and I did fantastic! It lead me to develop an Etsy sand show my work elsewhere.