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Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita

LOCATION: RAW Street Fest (Venue #5)Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita have been married and creating together for over 20 years. They make fine quality custom clothing and do specialized sewing for movies and TV commercials filmed in Chicago. They exercise their own Artistic vision making hats, clothing, scarves, and more for Artisan shows. The love of beautiful fabrics, feminine design, comfort…


Solder & Sage

Solder & Sage is an adornment apothecary creating spiritually focused products to help set daily intentions. Expect to find beautifully crafted handmade jewelry, emergency smudging kits (for spiritual gangsters on the go), charcoal chakra incense formulated by artist with pure essential oils for each chakra center, and metal & ceramic incense holders.


Kali Butterfly

I make aluminum jewelry and wearable art by cold-connecting anodized aluminum rings and die-cut components. I love creating sculptural, unexpected pieces that are lightweight and easy to wear.


Elfrida Designs

My works consists mostly of handmade Jewelry, oil paintings, rhinestones, and some painted glass.
Inspired by history, European monarchy and glamour.


Maggie Joyce Recycling

I’m a recycling artist, I repurpose a common everyday object into a colorful wearable object that hardly anyone who looks at can believe it came from just optical lenses.


Karen Frueh

I specialize in handmade collage, greeting cards with original drawings, and glass tile necklaces. Collage for me is a way of visually expressing the weird places my brain travels to.


Cindy’s Stitches and Sterling

I decided to learn metalsmithing as a way to create more structure for my textile art, but became enamored with the metal itself, and the wonderful stones to set with it! I love the way you can melt it (reticulation), connect it (soldering, fusing), color it (enameling and patinas), cut it (sawing) and form it (hammering, texturing, forming, stone setting). Each piece I make is a small material study which can be worn on the body, or just enjoyed by holding and looking. I make jewelry with traditional techniques, yet designed for today. Jewelry is one of man’s earliest arts, and it is something which can be enjoyed by everyone. This is why I bring you a variety of pieces, materials and price points, so you can take it home today and enjoy it. Little bits of art to wear and enjoy!



LuDesignsJewelry offers a unique selection of handmade jewelry, many of which are made from 100% natural items. Natural gems, crystals, and stones have been cut, polished and placed into handmade jewelry. Recycled sterling silver and other metals are also utilized in the designs. Ceramic pendants are used in some designs. I make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links and other products. Jewelry designs for both male and females are available.


Lincoln Apparel

Fun, modern, colorful T-shirts that bring Abraham Lincoln and his message into the 21st century. All shirts feature the original artwork of Chicago artist and designer Chris Umhoefer and are 100% American made.



*SUSAN*HAT*s focus on the re-use of materials.
Most are made from recycled sweaters, 100% felted wool.
Some are made from lighter fabrics that need to be used, such as upholstery scraps.
Others are “reformed” vintage hats, rescued and given new life.
All are one-of-a-kind.


Eric The Red – Creations

Eric The Red – Creations started with just making unique Day of the Dead Teddy Bears, called Skelositos, which then branched out to include Dragons and other Fantasy Creatures. Eventually I started to include a variety of bags ranging from Messenger Bags, Book Bags, to over-sized Totes and ipad/tablet covers.
The vernacular of both aspects is to make one of a kind creations , while using unique fabrics and techniques.


Anidem Jewelry

Using Silver, Copper, Brass, a variety of stones and found objects I aim to create unique wearable art pieces. Most of witch are one of a kind or of a small collection. From a variety of rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, pin and brooches as well as tie/money clips I try to create for everyone. All of my pieces are handmade using traditional metalsmithing techniques.


GretchenC Studio

Gretchen C Studio brings you hand sewn beaded jewelry for all occasions. All pieces are original designs, made in limited quantities by Gretchen incorporating Japanese Seed Beads, Czech Fire Polish Beads, Swarovski Crystals and Gemstones.



Chicago based, AVBeadDesigns started as a form of exploring all the different techniques of bead weaving. I started to incorporate Gemstones, Swarovski Elements, Wire, and Leather to create timeless and unique bead woven jewelry. I’m inspired by both the Old Hollywood Glamour and Bohemian fashion, that is the reason why my jewelry is both casual and sophisticated.


Sweethearts and Crafts

I make paper quilled jewelry and whimsical art pieces. Quilling is the curling, twisting, and otherwise manipulating strips of paper to create intricate designs. Being made from paper, everything is eco-friendly and super lightweight. But it is also sturdy and water resistant, as I hand paint each piece, each nook and cranny with a protective water based sealant.


Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ

RAW VENUE #6 – Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ is a boutique for men and women that carries items made by 20+ local artists as well as new items, and designer resale. Helping people do what they love for a loving is very important to us. We are honored to help make it happen!


Maike’s Marvels

Maike’s Marvels offers one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry and home adornments. The Wax and Wire Jewelry has been featured in various art shows around Chicagoland. Steel wire is hand-bent into organic and abstract shapes, and embellished with waxed paper, beads or other meaningful items. Maike’s art is an expression of the joy and gratitude she finds in everyday living, with an aim to share that tranquility with others. Creations include pendants, keychains, earrings, bracelets, collar necklaces and ornaments. Her whimsical angel, dragonfly, ladybug and snowman ornaments adorn homes around the world.


erin rossi designs

My journey to making jewelry began in 2001 with beadwork, which I still incorporate in some of the metal work. The pieces I currently create started with metals classes at Lill Street Arts Center & continue at NEIU. Between having degrees in Sculpture, Photography & Interior Design & living in Chicago, Milan & NYC, I have a rich background from which to pull creative ideas. My work is both designed and fabricated totally by myself & it is my goal to make original, appealing beautiful work.


Just For You

I’ve been beading and designing for 20 years. I enjoy redoing something old into something new that can be enjoyed and never goes out of style.