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Mia Furlong

I love big bold colors–how they blend and interact. Painting is my playground, it’s my fun, and I hope you enjoy my work. I will be donating all the proceeds from any sales to non-profit organizations (I haven’t decided yet, but I expect to choose one charitable group and an electoral candidate). I hope to see you at the show.


Lincoln Square Pottery Studio – Learning Center

Lincoln Square Pottery Studio- Learning Center is a not for profit that specializes in ceramics classes for children and adults of all skill levels. Opened in May of 2003, our storefront space has grown to include 13 wheels, an extruder, a slab roller, an ever expanding palette of glazes, several field trips to raku and wood firings, and many display shelves to show off the work being made here. LSPS members and students will be showing their work for admiration and sale in the 2nd floor atrium of the historic industrial building at 4043 N Ravenswood Ave.


Elfrida Designs

My works consists mostly of handmade Jewelry, oil paintings, rhinestones, and some painted glass.
Inspired by history, European monarchy and glamour.


Maggie Joyce Recycling

I’m a recycling artist, I repurpose a common everyday object into a colorful wearable object that hardly anyone who looks at can believe it came from just optical lenses.


Sarah E. Wain & Liana Faletto

We are two Chicago-based artists who are excited to share our fun and funky collection of real and imaginary animal-themed art. Liana is a printmaker who specializes in screen printing and relief printing processes. Sarah creates prints of original wildlife watercolor paintings. We can’t wait to meet you at RAW to show you our fresh and modern prints!


Destiny Sparkles

I love making items on my torch with glass! I make small standing sculptures, glass art marbles, one of a kind jewelry, and mouthblown glass ornaments. Flameworked and Kilnformed Glass- both Boro and Soft Glass, all my own design and all handmade.


Cranky Pickle

“Cranky Pickle Art” consists of colorful, fun and quirky original illustrations inside bottle caps that are then repurposed into jewelry, magnets and pinback buttons. She also includes acrylic paintings that feature whimsical monsters and unique animals. These painting are made on recycled discarded media devices, VHS tapes, floppy disks, cassettes, vinyl records, and CD’s.


Cindy’s Stitches and Sterling

I decided to learn metalsmithing as a way to create more structure for my textile art, but became enamored with the metal itself, and the wonderful stones to set with it! I love the way you can melt it (reticulation), connect it (soldering, fusing), color it (enameling and patinas), cut it (sawing) and form it (hammering, texturing, forming, stone setting). Each piece I make is a small material study which can be worn on the body, or just enjoyed by holding and looking. I make jewelry with traditional techniques, yet designed for today. Jewelry is one of man’s earliest arts, and it is something which can be enjoyed by everyone. This is why I bring you a variety of pieces, materials and price points, so you can take it home today and enjoy it. Little bits of art to wear and enjoy!


Alice’s Cat

Alice’s Cat’s current line began with a doodle, drawn by my 2 year old daughter. Together we created a collection of charming animal characters ready to liven up any quiet spot in your home. Available to buy as original paintings, prints and greeting cards.


Maike’s Marvels

Maike’s Marvels offers one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry and home adornments. The Wax and Wire Jewelry has been featured in various art shows around Chicagoland. Steel wire is hand-bent into organic and abstract shapes, and embellished with waxed paper, beads or other meaningful items. Maike’s art is an expression of the joy and gratitude she finds in everyday living, with an aim to share that tranquility with others. Creations include pendants, keychains, earrings, bracelets, collar necklaces and ornaments. Her whimsical angel, dragonfly, ladybug and snowman ornaments adorn homes around the world.


erin rossi designs

My journey to making jewelry began in 2001 with beadwork, which I still incorporate in some of the metal work. The pieces I currently create started with metals classes at Lill Street Arts Center & continue at NEIU. Between having degrees in Sculpture, Photography & Interior Design & living in Chicago, Milan & NYC, I have a rich background from which to pull creative ideas. My work is both designed and fabricated totally by myself & it is my goal to make original, appealing beautiful work.



Abstract or representational, paintings or mixed media, I try to tell a story that relates to the viewer. The colors and forms capture moments in time. I do not aim to reproduce the world. My goal is not to have the viewers interpret the paintings exactly how I intended, but to view the forms and colors and have an emotional response to them. Our interpretations depend of our own experiences. My goal is to have each viewer interpret the images in front of them according to their own understanding of the world. This way the creation stop being solely mine and become theirs too.


Madame Annie et Fils

Madame Annie et Fils is an independent greeting card and jewelry company based in Chicago, Illinois. By combining modern line and color with vintage images and patterns, our cards evoke a classic, timeless style that is at the same time fresh and new. Our jewelry combines both new and vintage components for pieces that are special and memorable as well as every day wear.


Laura Matzen- matzenart

Laura Matzen has a focus on small and large scale oil paintings often in diptychs. Her series, “Against the Sky” features colorful images of sky with contrasted silhouetted trees, birds and buildings. Often these scenes are painted from Photographs she has taken around Chicago. Her collection includes unique Photo jewelry and travel photos as well.


Brevity Code: Visual Artists Group

Brevity Code Visual Artists Group is comprised of Chicago artists: Kim Laurel and Fletcher Hayes. Each has been active in the arts community all of their lives, with professional experience of over thirty years each. Brevity Code Visual Artists Group will be exhibiting mixed media, 2D and 3D works featuring paintings and works on paper with plenty of surprise artistry to see!

Our inspirations are diverse and eclectic. Nature is a common interest of both artists: Fletcher Hayes and Kim Laurel. We look forward to networking with fellow artists, meeting new people and informing the community about our works and special interests. Ravenswood means new spaces, new faces and new places, lots and lots of sales and good times.