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Blind Dog Yarns

One of a kind functional art created by two women here in Chicago who joined together to bring you your coziest fall. Stay warm in a lush, vibrant cowl by Mercedes while sipping hot cocoa out of a thoughtfully crafted ceramic mug by Darya. The scarves feature hand-dyed, hand-spun wool art yarn accents. Each piece of pottery is water-etched and soda-fired for a distinctive look.


Kali Butterfly

I make aluminum jewelry and wearable art by cold-connecting anodized aluminum rings and die-cut components. I love creating sculptural, unexpected pieces that are lightweight and easy to wear.



LuDesignsJewelry offers a unique selection of handmade jewelry, many of which are made from 100% natural items. Natural gems, crystals, and stones have been cut, polished and placed into handmade jewelry. Recycled sterling silver and other metals are also utilized in the designs. Ceramic pendants are used in some designs. I make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links and other products. Jewelry designs for both male and females are available.


Clix2pix by Georgia

I am a Mixed Media Artist and Photographer. The major theme of my artwork is architecture, but I also like to create nature/landscape-themed artwork from time to time depending on the surroundings that I am in at the moment. Most of the time, my photography and mixed media artwork come together in my collages. My mini-collages (Chicago, International, and Galapagos Island animals themed), photographs (Galapagos Islands themed), coloring books (Chicago and Galapagos Islands animals themed), and prints of my Mixed Media artwork (Chicago themed) will be at the RAW Show again this year!


Flora Calabrese/Eterniday Studio

Using the ancient medium of encaustics, I combine beeswax with antique botanical prints, celestial maps and iconic holy cards. Through their interplay, I evoke the timeless presence of the Great Mother archetype, symbolized by the divine feminine in her many cultural forms. All the beautiful icons that I use have rich and deep ancient history. My artwork explores relationships between; science & spirituality, women & nature and the feminine & healing.