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Rosa Ballena Ceramics, Roberta de Oliveira and Amy Odgers

My work consists of functional stoneware and porcelain pieces that are fired in gas, salt, soda, and wood kilns. They are often unglazed, or else glazed with shinos and reduction glazes. Overall, I am interested in exploring how to give fluid, expressive, and deliberate shape to my work – to create functional pieces that are clearly human-made, but whose form possesses organic, natural movement.

Showing with Rosa Ballena Ceramics are artists Roberta de Oliveira and Amy Odgers.


GretchenC Studio

Gretchen C Studio brings you hand sewn beaded jewelry for all occasions. All pieces are original designs, made in limited quantities by Gretchen incorporating Japanese Seed Beads, Czech Fire Polish Beads, Swarovski Crystals and Gemstones.


Fall But Once

My artwork is an exploration of the relationship between what is natural and manmade and the interaction of different materials. I love to apply textures to surfaces mixed with images that we can identify from the human figure to landscapes and cities.

I also make knitwear as well as cards that make great handmade gifts for customers looking for items that they can put to everyday use. I want to be able to give other people the opportunity to give high quality handmade gifts at an affordable price.


Leslie A. Woodrum – Photographic Artist 

Danville, IL photographer Leslie A. Woodrum has been a photographic artist of the natural scene since 1975. I practice the principles of the “f-64” group of photographers. Image quality, sharpness and tonality are my benchmarks in producing the perfect photograph. My goal through my photos is to record the natural scene, as my mind would see the finished photograph, using the appropriate processing, filter use, or printing technique to yield the pre-visualized end result. My photographic medium of choice is black and white photography. The camera format of choice is medium format equipment because of its high quality coupled with its portability. Although I prefer medium format film, I have recently embraced digital production techniques utilizing digital cameras, and high quality printers and scanners.



Chicago based, AVBeadDesigns started as a form of exploring all the different techniques of bead weaving. I started to incorporate Gemstones, Swarovski Elements, Wire, and Leather to create timeless and unique bead woven jewelry. I’m inspired by both the Old Hollywood Glamour and Bohemian fashion, that is the reason why my jewelry is both casual and sophisticated.


Benjamin Mercado

My Drawings are Pen and pencil sketches of Landscape, Floral, Mushrooms, Trees and Abstract. Some Black and White, some color. I sell them Matted or Framed in 8×10 or 11×14 sizes.
I create Photo cards and Note cards from my Drawings.


Sweethearts and Crafts

I make paper quilled jewelry and whimsical art pieces. Quilling is the curling, twisting, and otherwise manipulating strips of paper to create intricate designs. Being made from paper, everything is eco-friendly and super lightweight. But it is also sturdy and water resistant, as I hand paint each piece, each nook and cranny with a protective water based sealant.


Janine Gawel

My work includes brightly colored paintings, detailed drawings, and a wide range of greeting cards. I enjoy creating whimsical, storybook-like scenes focused on animals and nature; children’s book illustrations have always been an inspiration for my art. I also really love portraying landscapes and cityscapes, including unique depictions of Chicago’s beautiful architecture.


21st Avenue Shards/Sacks Appeal

21st Avenue Shards and Sacks Appeal are run by a mother/daughter team. Jessica, the daughter, is the designer behind 21st Avenue Shards, making jewelry from excavated pottery shards. Joyce, the mom, makes one-of-a-kind purses and totes out of high-end upholstery fabric.


Reformado Photography, LLC

I create handmade coasters using a gel medium transfer from my own photography. The collection of images are of downtown Chicago, various neighborhoods, and nearby suburbs.


Khabrim Diallo Photography

As part of the 2018 Ravenswood Art Walk I will display photographs highlighting Chicago’s structural beauty and natural beauty blended together in harmony. In addition to these photographs, I will also display new photographs from my Rimandtherock Basketball Collection which displays basketball courts from around the city and the world.


Everlasting Fire Studio

Everlasting Fire Studio is a lampwork glass studio in Lincoln Square. We makes marbles, pendants, beads, and various sculpture work in glass. We also teach classes in our studio, where we encourage people to learn about the fun of playing with hot glass.



RedAvaDesigns is an eclectic jewelry line handmade and designed by Roslyn Broder in Chicago, Illinois. Roslyn uses traditional metalsmithing techniques, enameling, vintage components, gemstones, copper, sterling silver, brass, and bronze in non-traditional ways. Roslyn’s background is in graphic design and film. Her influences range from Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern design to Film Noir, Surrealism and Asian art. She also appreciates the beauty of natural and organic forms and patterns, and strives to incorporate these images, shapes, and colors into her work.



Each piece is hand made and designed by Laura Garza in Chicago. Inspired by nature, travels and culture, she creates what she loves, pieces that are raw and earthy with a creative twist of modern and simple. The metals are formed to be a natural part of the selected stones. She works with lost wax casting, reticulation and her new collections include enameling.


Sansei Artisans

Japanese inspired work by Sansei (Third generation Japanese) Artisans. These three local artists specialize in original paintings, purses and memory books.


MAKA designs by Alexandra Jamroz

Organic and bold, simple and textured these are the words one can use to describe the work of MAKA designs. The pieces are inspired by walking in the woods, visiting the lake in the summer, and mediating while practicing yoga.


Marina Veiler

I make one of a kind copper and silver wire jewelry, with natural and manmade gemstones. I use wide variety of materials, including recycled copper wire, and self collected fossils and sea glass from Lake Michigan. Each of my pieces is handmade (no motorized tools), and truly unique.


Pilsen Outpost

The Outpost is an artist run retail shop and gallery in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Showcasing some of the freshest artist handmade products, custom toys, special edition prints, books and fine artwork. We are a retail environment that introduces and immerses customers in the unique and exciting work of local emerging community artists.


Limba Gal Jewelry

Blending traditional textiles, gemstones, natural elements and metals, Limba Gal blends original designs with traditional techniques to create unique, modern, limited edition jewelry art and accessories.

Each piece is designed and hand crafted by Jeneba Koroma, a 1st generation American from the Limba tribe of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Drawing inspiration from architecture, nature and culture, Limba Gal uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to bring her design ideas to life.

“Jewelry is void without the wearer. I strive to make pieces that people can connect with and use to tell their own unique stories.” – Limba Gal