Wellbeing Personalized Healthcare

1767 W Wilson 


Wellbeing PHC provides high quality holistic natural healthcare for families in Ravenswood and beyond. For ArtWalk, they will be showing works from the following Chicago artists: Lisa Zschunke, Teresa James and Jayne Colwill, as well as one-of-a-kind jewelry by Frankie Cuomo of Terra SilicaA painter living in West Rogers Park, Lisa Zchunke’s focus is on portraiture and still life. Teresa James specializes in stunning cyanotypes, illustrations and etchings.   

Lisa Zschunke

Lisa Zschunke is a Chicago artist based in West Rogers Park. She has an English degree from the University of Illinois and worked in publishing before alighting on visual pursuits. Zschunke followed a self-taught path in fashion design before pursuing art foundation classes at the Evanston Art Center. From artists Patrick Micelli, Riva Lehrer, Jeff Krantz, and Sheila Oettinger, she learned to draw and sculpt, and then went on to study painting with Janis Pozzi-Johnson and Ken Minami. Zschunke currently focuses on both portraiture and still life. (Portrait commissions are welcomed)

Terese James

Over time I’ve become interested in photogravure and photography. While combining these vintage processes with my drawing, I have embraced new technology using these tools side by side and creating a hybrid print process. I have long explored spiritual and religious themes. In my art I lift the veil that obscures our double existence in the temporal and metaphysical worlds. Everyday people and animals are revealed as agents in the eternal battle of good and evil, their heroic spirits armored or winged. These are portraits of faith.