WTF Images – World Traveling Female

LOCATION: RAW Street Fest (Venue #5)


What fascinates me about photography or any artistic medium, is the ability it has to pull the viewer out of rational thinking and the familiar, and into a more atypical view of the world. 

I love the process of visually representing a certain moment in time and viewers are invited to participate in these moments passed, and can live in the instant I captured. Perhaps that moment evokes a memory of, or nostalgia for, a period in someone’s life. I feel a sense of delight in making that connection with the viewer.

There’s something remarkable about capturing an image within an oblong space—one that combines light, intrigue and many times humor. My passion for photography has led me to many locations through the years, and I hope my work will be the impetus for you—the viewer—to get a little bit of wanderlust and go on a journey of your own.

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