2019 Outdoor & Indoor Artists

Street Fest Artists

Ceramic Artists

FromBupkis by Richard Scruggs | FromBupkis.com   

eschukai by Emilie Schukai | eschukai.com |  @eschukai

DesiArt by Desire’e Simpson | liveartsstudio.org

Martin K Chadwick by Martin Chadwick | martinkchadwick.com | @martinkchadwickart

Lincoln Square Pottery | comeplaywithclay.com/ | @lsps_lc

Grunewald Ceramics by Barbara and Jeff Grunewald | grunewaldceramics.com  

Claybird Pottery & Fred Follansbee Ceramics by Lori Hess and Fred Follansbee | claybirdpotterystudio.com | @claybirdPottery & @ffpots

Neosho Art by Jean Rizzo | @potterypup @neosho_art

Painters & Illustrators

Arsenal Handicraft by Dennis Jacobs | arsenalhandicraft.com | @arsenalhcraft

Ground Up Press by Dan Garza | dangrzeca.com/ | @jetsah

Delia Jean Art by Delia Jean Hickey | deliajeanart.com | @delia_jean_art

Keller Kiddo Designs/Jen Keller Art by Jennifer Keller | jenkellerart.com | @JenKellerArt

James Patrick Ostler by Jim Ostler | jamespatrickostler.com | @jamespatrickostler

DesiArt by Desire’e Simpson | liveartsstudio.org

Martin K Chadwick by Martin Chadwick | martinkchadwick.com | @martinkchadwickart

Ponnopozz by Adrianne Hawthorne | ponnopozz.com | @ponnopozz

Technicolor Coffee Studios by Shelby Gilliland | etsy.com/shop/technicolorcafe | @rainbowjava

Mary Foster Studios by Mary Foster | maryfosterstudios.com 


Shore Fisherman’s Corner by Robert London | shorefishermanscorner.com

Just Nee Photography by Neely Benn | etsy.com/shop/JustNeePhotography | @curious_misfit


Reformado Photography by Rossana Reformado | re4mado.com | @re4madophotography

Fashion Artists

Archetype Leather by David Armstrong | archetypeleather.com | @archetypeleather

Nomadic Ant by Suzanne Miranda | https://nomadicant.com/ | @nomadic_ant
by Susan Abelson | susanhat.indiemade.com | @susanhats

Sacks Appeal/21st Avenue Shards by Jessica DeBoer | etsy.com/shop/21stAvenueShards

Amy Taylor by Amy Taylor | shop.msamytaylor.com  | @msamytaylor

Mitzibell by Tanya Milojkovic | mitzibell.com | @tanyamitzibell

Pinky Lou by Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita

Jewelry Artists

Nomadic Ant by Suzanne Miranda | nomadicant.com/ | @nomadic_ant

On Mars, in Caves by Kinnaree Patel | @onmarsincaves

Indie-Pendant by Anjali Raj Hansoty | indie-pendant.com | @indie.pendant

GretchenC Studio by Gretchen Colavito | instagram.com/gretchencstudio/

MASHALLAH Inc. by Mashallah Ghouleh | mashallah.us | @mashallah_us

Daliyari Silver and Copper by Maria Blanco | daliyari-silver-and-copper.mybigcommerce.com     

Linea Latina Arte by Carmen M. Perez- Stoppert | carmenmperez.com | @perezstoppert

Platanic by Maria Elena Balanzategui-Aguilar

Organic Seed jewelry by Francia Cortes        

Technicolor Coffee Studios by Shelby Gilliland | etsy.com/shop/technicolorcafe | @rainbowjava

Locked And Layered by Emily Shinnick | www.lockedandlayered.com/ | @lockedandlayered

Susan Lane Design by Susan Lane | susanlanedesign.com | @susanlaneee

Cindy Heineman by Cindy Heineman | cindyheineman.com

Alexandra Jamroz Designs by Alexandra Jamroz | makadesignslifestyle.com | @axjamroz

OrganicabyLaura by Laura Garza | organicabylaura.com | @organicabylaura

Mixed Media & Other Artists

ADORN by Lilia Toyanova | Adornchicago.com | @adorn_chi

NICOLET CANDLE by Gerri Brunner | www.nicoletcandle.com | @nicoletcandle

Wendy Art Glass by Wendy Morowitz | www.facebook.com/wendysartglass   

Linea Latina Arte by Carmen M. Perez- Stoppert | www.carmenmperez.com  | @perezstoppert

Artworks by Steve Connell | www.steveconnell.com |@chicagonightpaintings

Neosho Art by Jean Rizzo | @potterypup | @neosho_art


Laura Lynne Art by Laura Kubicek | LauraLynneArt.com | @LauraLynneArt

MiBolsa by Judi Kickel | MiBolsaBetsy.com | @mibolsa_etsy

Amati Originals by Kim Amati | http://amatioriginals.com | @Amatioriginals

Artists at Beyond Design (4515 N Ravenswood Ave)

Fashion Artists

Anna Fashion Paradise by Anna Lifson | www.annafashionparadise.com | @annahandembroidery

Lee Lee Z Leather by Leah Zimmerman | www.leeleezleather.com | @leeleez.shop

Painters & Illustrators

Cape Horn Illustration by Phillip Thompson | capehorn-illustration.com |@cape_horn_chi

Brevity Code Visual by l Kim Laurel | kimlaurel.com/ | @brevitycodevisual

Deva Suckerman Art by Deva Suckerman | devasuckerman.com | @deva_suckerman_art

Ceramic Artists

Ronda Ruby Ceramics by Ronda Payne | rondaruby.com   


Jason Ulman Photography by Jason Ulman | jasonulman.com/


Erin Rossi Designs by Erin Rossi | erinrossidesigns.com

jl marie jewelry by Jan and Lisa Olson | etsy.com/shop/jlmariejewelry | @jlmariejewelry

 LuDesignsJewelry by Lucy Clasen | etsy.com/shop/ludesignsjewelry | @LuDesignsJewelry

Artists at Hayes Atrium Marketplace (4043 Ravenswood Ave)


OVINGTON STAINED GLASS by Karen Ovington | ovingtonglassstudio.com/

Bangin’ Designs by Jackie Peoples | www.bangindesigns.com | @bangindesigns

Maike’s Marvels by Maike van Wijk | www.MaikesMarvels.com | @maikesmarvels

Cynthia McEwen Design by Cynthia McEwen | http://www.mcewendesign.com


Matzenart by Laura Matzen Hanna | matzenart.com | @matzenart

Clix2pix by Georgia by Georgia Velisaris | clix2pix.com       

GeorgeG Photo by George Gonzalez | GeorgeGPhoto.com | @GeorgeGChitown

Painters & Illustrators

Abcede Art by Michael Abcede | abcedeart.com       

Matzenart by Laura Matzen Hanna | matzenart.com | @matzenart

Nuria McNeal by Nuria McNeal | facebook.com/NuriasWorldOfArt | @nuriasworldofart

Eddie Fieg Illustration & Design by Eddie Fieg | eddiefieg.com | @eddiefieg

Mixed Media & Other Artists

Nicorium by Vincent Sanchez | nicorium.com/

Ellsmore Designs by Jan Chitjian | etsy.com/shop/EllsmoreDesigns

Begyle Artist Market (1800 W Cuyler)

Amy Odgers by Amy Odgers

Crimson Cat Studios by Susie Inverso  crimsoncatstudios.com | @crimsoncatstudios

Barleywick Candles | barleywick.com 

Fall But Once by Ashley LaPoint | fallbutonce.com | @fallbutonce 

Limba Gal Jewelry by Jeneba Koroma | limbagal.com | @limbagal