2018 Arts Tour Map & Venue Listing

The ArtWalk runs along Ravenswood Ave from Leland south to Irving Park, with open studios, artists in buildings, musical performances and live demonstrations. All businesses are open from 11-6PM. At the center of the festival is the outdoor RAW Street Fest, which features two stages of live music, artists in tents, Begyle Brewing’s craft beer garden, a food truck roundup and children’s activities. Get familiar with the venues below, plan you’re route, and we’ll see you in September!

1. Manz Building (Multiple Attractions!)
2. Hayes Properties Pop-Up Market & Armando Pedroso Contemporary Art
3. Thresholds
4. RAW Street Fest
5. Deagan Building (Mulptiple Attractions!)
6. Mathias Spider Schergen’s Garage Gallery 
7. Lillstreet Art Center
8. Forteza Fitness & Martial Arts / The Chicago Swordplay Guild
9. Ravenswood Fellowship United Methodist Church
10. Beyond Design
12. Lucila’s Homemade Alfajores
13. CHEX Studio

14. Wellbeing Personalized Healthcare
15. All Saints’ Episcopal Church
16. Ambertique
17. Bill Bartelt Watercolors
18. Honey Hive Salon
19. The Attractivators
20. 4500 Artists
21. Blackbird Gallery & Framing
22. Manifold
23. Tam Wim
24. Platform Coworking Pop-Up Market
25. Montrose Metra Community Gardens
26. Viva Vintage Clothing
27. a. favorite design
28. Dovetail Brewery
29. Begyle Brewing Company