Cynthia Weiss & Jessie Smith-Larson Studios

4541 N Ravenswood, 4th Floor
RAW Stop #17

Cynthia Weiss creates paintings, installations, and public art in the mediums of cut-paper design, mixed-media on paper, and glass mosaics that speak to the desire to protect our human and natural ecosystems. She has exhibited widely and her collaborative public art can be seen at the Foster and Bryn Mawr underpasses at Lake Shore Drive, Navy Pier, and other locations throughout Chicago.
Jessie Smith-Larson currently resides in Chicago where she has been working as a visual artist and brand designer for the past 19 years. “One of the most incredible things about the human spirit is our ability to find beauty even in times of sorrow. We are all fragile machines relying on human connections to lift us from our lowest moments.” Created following a series of tragedies in the life of the artist, this work explores the bond that survives after a great loss.